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FlowMind Yoga Treatment

Mind-Body Treatment

  • 2 hr
  • 225 US dollars

Service Description

The Ultimate combination of mental focus training and recovery therapies for athletes and professionals that want to say yes to stress, optimize at work and recover faster. Maintaining elite performance requires diligence and action.  Train your brain to focus in high stress situations and create a lifestyle of peak performance. Tap into your neurobiology and rewire yourself to relax and “release” into the brain waves that foster a Flow State.  With brain sensing technology get real-time neurofeedback and collect the data on what's actually happening in your head during meditation to help you self regulate your mental state. When it comes to the “recovery phase" of peak performance the “come-down” of Flow is real! Recovery comes from more than relaxation practices alone.   This signature treatment of bodywork and Micro-dosing Flow™ techniques usher you into your release and  recovery modes quickly helping you manage pain, stress and improve sleep.

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