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FlowMind Coaching​

Tap into the power of the conscious and unconscious levels of your mind to free yourself from suffering. With this holistic brain-based approach, learn to say yes to stress, slay fears and optimize your lifeWith FlowMind coaching, you're not just breaking barriers—you're redefining them. 

See yourself to free yourself.

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Health is not the end goal, more a vehicle to higher states of consciousness where peak performance exists 

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What Clients Say...

Will Roger Peterson - Burning Man Project Founding Board Member and Chairman. 
Lucie has been my friend, bodyworker, healer, and spiritual guide for over a decade. She intuitively knows what I need to do to improve on my physical/spiritual challenges. Lucie is a bright light, knowledgeable, engaging, and positive in her approach to life. Her knowledge of the human condition: emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually, comes into play in her work as a healer, teacher and life coach. It’s been crucial in my recovery from a near fatal accident to have Lucie do her work with me. Lucie is a remarkable positive influence on my life, a beacon of health, healing and self awareness.

Optimize the mind-body connection to say yes to stress and experience peak performance
Self-empowerment. Self-love. Freedom

Are you ready to break through barriers and redefine your limits?

Whether you're a powerhouse athlete, a high-flying professional, or a thrill-seeker, delve into our unique fusion of modern science and holistic medicine for brain, body, mind, and soul optimization. 

Peak performance coaching isn't just about achieving more, it's about becoming more. It's about self mastery and aligning with your soul goals.

Break free from self-doubt, anxieties, and fears while unlocking profound connection and trustDiscover the blueprint to your most powerful self. Transcend barriers, enhance physical, mental, and emotional fitness, and turn challenges into wins

Join the ranks of top-tier athletes and professionals who have changed their lives with the FlowMind Coaching method. 


Your journey towards

freedom and peak performance begins here


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Proud Sponsor of
 Jeannie Bartholomew & Curt Bartholomew 
Alter ego Project / USA Canopy Piloting Team

Want to enhance your performance and mental game?

Learn the techniques you need to tap into your inner resources, optimize your performance, and live your best life.

Ever wonder why, when you really want to make a change in your life, you find yourself automatically doing the opposite?

Say you want to be more confidant but you keep defaulting to thinking you're not good enough. Or you have a body goal but you keep starving yourself or eating garbage. That's your subconscious autopilot at work sabotaging your progress because of outdated data from historical learning. Thankfully, you can update that.

Want to train your mind-body connection?

Mind-body practices for people who want to train their brain to focus in high-stress situations and say yes to stress. Workouts, training plans, exercise therapy and Yoga. Micro-dosing Flow™ deep embodiment practices train your brain to release into, and recover from, flow states to optimize your life. Rest and reboot, re fire and rewire neural networks and activate the relaxation response to tap into your reward chemistry to relieve pain, stress and enhance performance.

Sport Exercise
Outdoor Pushups

The body talks to us in the language of sensation...
are you listening? 

Feeling a bit beat up by training, injury, or just life in general?

Bodywork is the answer.


Specializing in sports injury therapies, pain and stress management, Lucie's techniques are grounded in the principles of mind-body connection, allowing you to perform at your best both mentally and physically. Whether you're an athlete looking to up your game or simply someone who wants to feel better in their daily life, Lucie has the tools to help you improve.

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