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FlowMind Yoga

Mind-Body Training

Mindfulness. Movement. Micro-dosing Flow.

FlowMind Yoga™ unites yoga, physical therapy, strength, dance, functional fitness and the power of the mind to bring you a super charged mind-body practice that gets you feeling strong and switched on, focused and ready to optimize

Intense Workout
Activate the body - Activate the mind and experience peak performance. 

  • Need to up your strength and conditioning game? 

  • Enhance your flexibility and resilience in both body and mind? 

Whether you're training for life or a competition, rehabilitating an injury, have a physique goal, need to recover faster or want to improve mind-body awareness and mechanics for enhanced performance; we've got you covered. 

Uniting the wisdom of holistic health with the cutting-edge insights of modern neuroscience to craft personalized sessions that deliver rapid and meaningful results. 

Deep Embodiment - Focus To Flow

Set yourself up to Microdose Flow™    with     

deep embodiment practices like mindfulness, meditation and Flow-absorption techniques, like breathing and focus, enabling you to access your reward chemistry to relive pain, enhance your mental game and improve performance. Feel more focused, empowered, confident, and in control of your life. 

Woman Doing Push Ups
Folding yoga mate

FlowMind Yoga 
Mind-Body Training Sessions

In Person 

Private Session $130 


Private Session  $100


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