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Pouring Massage Oil


Pain can be a good motivator, and we can learn a lot about ourselves from injury should we choose. It has the potential to make you stronger and more proficient given the opportunity.

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Physical Therapist

Orthopedic Bodywork Injury Therapies

1 hr 30 min


Experience targeted relief with manual therapy specializing in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal pain, disfunction and injury. Orthopedic bodywork combines advanced manual therapy techniques including, myofascial release, deep tissue & sports therapy, cryo and thermo therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapies, active & passive release techniques, structural integration, joint mobilization, scar tissue release, muscle testing, activation, PNF & PIR therapeutic stretching techniques. With 27 years of expertise, Lucie offers tailored treatments that address your unique needs. For athletes, expect a focused analysis of sport mechanics and targeted areas. Biomechanics and efficiency are assessed through muscle strength and weakness patterns as a means of boosting performance and prevent injury.


The FlowMind 


2.5 hr


The ultimate mind-body session. Train your brain to focus in high-stress situations and create a lifestyle of peak performance. Lucie's signature treatment combines bodywork with FlowMind Deep Visualization and other Micro-dosing Flow™ techniques, optimizing performance, alleviating pain and stress, and enhancing sleep. Tap into your neurobiology and rewire yourself to relax and “release” into the brain waves that foster a Flow State.

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